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      AND FOR THE PEOPLE!!!   Omniledger is next generation Blockchain (DAG) decentralised database ecosystem. It is dedicated to giving data ownership and power over it’s monetisation to those, whose lives generate it – the people (U & I ). together with the liberty to manage and monetize all their digital records. IOVO will become a universal, secure and transparent data ownership and exchange system. It’s mission is to sustain individual human value (capital of assets) and make it fully operational, This is not just a dream but a physical reality! please follow me and see details for yourself and you will be glad you did.       THE REASON BEHIND THE PROJECT CONCEPT OF IOVO.   Most internet users are unaware of the fact that the huge amount of data they spend on internet is been gathered and monetized, as users of internet interact with the platform, these social media platforms collect valuable users data, such as interest, preferences etc, thereby making huge profit for themselves.
      We wouldn't have known this not until when Facebook reported of an alarming revenue of $ 9.16 billion in second quoter of the year 2017.
      The report continues that in the 2006 alone the user data access by Facebook hit the sum of 6 million and increased to 87 million in 2018.
      As if that is no enough, the INTERNETWORLDSTAT.COM reported that global number of internet users increased from 1.80 billion in the year 2018 to 4.20 billion in 2019 amounting to 33% sharp increase, and this increase will definitely continue as Ecommerce is no longer a child of circumstance but have come to stay.   WHY ARE WE INTERESTED IN THIS REPORT? YOU MAY ASK- The reason is not far-fetched their is so much profit potentials in this sector and it is yet to be taped. THE NEED FOR IOVO- TO PROVIDE A TOOL THAT WILL ENABLE ME & YOU TO BENEFIT FROM THE DATA THAT WE GENERATE JUST AS WE ARE DOING RIGHT AWAY. In this forgoing situation we find ourself their is no single device or tool given to guarantee the ownership or to hold and monitize these data for anybody, Hence the urgent need for the project called IOVO.
      IOVO- the internet of value is a tool to function returning ownership of data value back to the individual, and have it stored in a save and secure manner.
      IOVO- will likewise democratize the monitization of of data possessed - communicated as an electronic identity for everyone taking part.
      Just put in a simple term IOVO- aims at providing a decentralized infrastructure that will enable users to make profit by collecting, storing and shearing the data that they themselves generated either directly or through several decentralized
      Apps (dApps). By this IOVO will be promoting and enhancing human life and value through the use of blochain technology on its data platform.
      Being an OMINILEDGER, IOVO will turn into principal apparatus for different quantitative esteem platform dAdpps, given the two advantagies to clients and working as a social business utility.   THE TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT OF IOVO.   The IOVO platform will be based on various mechanical layers which would go far guaranteeing the precision, effectiveness, security and adaptability of information accumulation passing by the progressed and computerized worldwide network, the physical data age and its abuse is the foundation of IOVO's biological community. When the capability of the data stage is augmented, a positive turn up is certain to be accomplished. Consequently, making ready to different parts of the advanced economy, where the blockchain will save the autonomy and the network will be free.   THE BENEFITS IOVO USERS WILL GET   Access to a complete worldwide database by means of information wallet. Monetization of claimed information. Data security. Acquisition of more clients. Unmodifiable history.       TOKEN DISTRIBUTION   -20% of the total supply allocated to Smart drop -10% Is Locked -30% Allocated to private sale -20% Allocated to Team & Advisory -10% Allocated to Public Sale -10% Allocated to Reserve. TOKEN SUPPLY: 1000,000,000
      IMPECCABLE TEAM MEMBERS   MY HUMBLE SUBMISSION Having holistically examined the project idea, the impeccable team members and the business environment and opportunities i have no iota of doubt in me to tell you that the project is good and promising for your consideration and investment just as i do and you will be glad you deed cheers.   SEE ESSENTIAL LINKS BELLOW:   Website: http://iovo.io Bitcointalk Forum Announcement Thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4509519.0 Telegram: https://t.me/iovoledger Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iovoledger Twitter: https://twitter.com/iovoledger Medium: https://medium.com/@iovo Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/iovo Github: https://github.com/iovoledger   AUTHORS DETAILS   MY PROFILE LINK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1840912 MY ETHW ADDRESS: 0x73841c19B4044F4C7CB216EE428A66F8e5d122Fa MY BITCOINTALK NAME: crypto24hrs.
    • BREAKING NEWS IN DATA STORAGE TECHNOLOGY.   Do you no that their is a ground breaking technology which has given birth to online data storage media known and called cloudstorage? the whole world must here this !
      Before now we only no of data storage media, such as hard disk in computers or portable flash drive, never to be forgotten is the fact that this outgoing technology was constantly prone to virus attack and requires special devices which has to be caried about.
      But all thanks to OUTOFCLOUD technology which can now gove us an easy access to digital data all you need is just but a device equiped with internet access with no fear of virus attack, loss of data storage device or theft it is wholly secured.   A BRIEF ABOUT OUTOFCLOUD   Here their is an existing working program , it has a well developed state of delivery platform for sending multimedia files which surpass the traditional file shearing method to include; a dynamic and quick spilling introduction of those records in a completely adaptable presentation that can be customized for every beneficiary.
      These secured presentation can be made in just a moment and with a only a couple of snaps of a mouse.
      What an amazing technology!   OUTOFTHECLOUD IN DETAILS.   The outcloud system was first developed exclusively for use by a private investigator office , as a means to safely send case related materials which regularly included large videos, documents, audio and image files.
      Other document shearing services at that time came with genuine security concerns, and does not have any form of presentation at all.
      Existing file shearing services required the collector to download records each one in turn before they could even be
      seen and required the clients to give them numerous obtrusive authorizations to try and utilize their framework. This was basically not a worthy method for working together effectively in this particular industry.
      The issue was then recognized and an answer was created presently by Matt D.
      Ballard who banded together with web engineer Robert Keddie Together they made a model framework and called it MyCaseViewer.com (MCV) which has been in effective use since 2013, (MCV) has served the private investigator industry to date. The (MCV) framework has created essentially in the course of the most recent quite a while by taking in client input and placing it without hesitation which prompt various item upgrades.   MODIFYING THE SYSTEM   It didn't take long to understand that with negligible alterations and item upgrades (MCV) would have the capacity to offer the worldwide network a similar file shearin g and presentation of the same superior shipping experience which is currently enjoyed by a private detective industry.
      The expanded team which include additional program developers, marketing staff, and business consultants then began working on an upgraded version (MCV) with the intention of been a fully decentralized version change towards a wider market.
      We are also glad to inform that the general version of My Case View has been completed and is called OUTOFTHECLOUD.COM (OOTC). and this outcloud system, inc. has now develop a way of instant sending multimedia presentation to the world in a way that is not dependent on cloud computing or long term long file storage.   THE NEED FOR BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY TO IMPROVE ON THE OPERATING SYSTEM.   The outcloud system will operate in a peer to peer manner with the exception that no download is required by the recipient and all files received are directly displayed by turning its customer base into a decentralized global storage space that make outcloud services for current project development for things such as bandwidth and storage space that make outcloud services for free for 98% of her customers, switching from AWS and cloud services that are relatively less secure.   REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE OUTCLOUD AMONG OTHERS.   No download is required at all Invasive Permissions is not Required Professional Presentations Delivered Changes are made in Real Time File Security and Access custom branding Multiple device access Lower security risk Easy to use
      For details of above information please kindly visit: https://www.outofthecloud.io/OutCloud_Systems_White_Paper.pdf All these amy many more services can only be possible here in OUTCLOUD system.   PLEASE SEE THIS SHORT VIDEO FOR EASY OF UNDERSTANDING       TOKEN DISTRIBUTION   Total offer: Pre-ICO: 300,000,000 ICO: 400,000,000 Founder and Management: Reserved: 100,000,000 Reserved: 300,000,000 Advisory Council: 50,000,000 Marketing: 50,000,000 Name: OutCloud Symbol: OUT Platform: Ethereum Price of the coin: $ 0.10 (before sale) and $ 0.15 (ICO) Pre-ICO Timeline: 4 weeks ICO Timeline: 4 weeks Weekly regressive special rates will be offered during the pre-ICO weeks, as mentioned below Week 1: 30% Week 2: 20% Week 3: 10% Week 4: 5%   MY HUMBLE SUBMISSION   The project idea is real and viable, it is vast and can only be executed in stages , thus it is for an ICO model and every investor have equal opportunity to grow along with the project, hence i hereby strongly recommend the project for your consideration and participation, you will be glad you did.   USEFUL LINKS:   WEBSITE https://www.outofthecloud.io/
      WHITEPAPER https://www.outofthecloud.io/OutCloud_Systems_White_Paper.pdf
      TELEGRAM https://t.me/joinchat/GGVHiA9p9YUJS2mfi4a58A
      TWITTER https://twitter.com/OutCloudSystems
      FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/OutCloudSystemsInc/
      MEDIUM https://medium.com/@admin_9757
      YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJGpH31JeC9Pc7wWtzCpCNQ
      GITHUB https://github.com/outcloud786/OUTSmartContract/
      INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/outcloudsystems/
      Bitcointalk ANN thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4768024.0   AUTHORS DETAILS.   Bitcointal profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1840912   Bitcointalk name : crypto24hrs.  
    • CHRYP.TO IN A MOMENT Chryp.to is a social network a holistic crypto and blockchain platform aimed at bringing crypto players closer together as never before to leverage mass adoption of blockchain applications.
      One unique thing about chryp.to platform is the fact that it comes with a plethora of features that makes it to be an all-in one platform for crypto organizations, speculators, designers, and analysts to use the intensity of group financial matters, crowd creativity and inteligency meeting the basic needs of a decentralized world. The platform also aim at been the largest showcase of ready to use blockchain applications from all blockchain companies, thus you and i have the golden opportunity to participate in this ongoing project by contributing meaningfully in the creation of versatile and multi-functional platform that facilitate all kinds of interactions and leverage mass adoption of crypto trading and blockchain applications. The platform is powered by Authoreon.io.
      To get more information about CHRYP.TO please kindly visit the website at : https://www.chryp.to UNIQUE FEATURES ABOUT CHRYP.TO All CHRYPTO utility token holders appreciate all advantages of an exceptional participation to get to selective functionalities of the Chryp.to stage Clients can exhibit their Talents also look for co-creation or work for association New businesses can list their contributions and items for venture, advice and collaboration. The news area brings update on bockchain technology and its application around the globe clients remain educated about digital currency cost. We are also please to inform you that upcoming features include tools that will enable you follow successful investors. whats more there are also blockchain particular instructional exercises for individuals that desire to learn more. Forthcoming highlights incorporate devices to pursue effective financial specialists and a commercial center to purchase and offer blockchain related products. TOKEN INFORMATION The aggregate token supply is 100 million, of 54 percent are being sold in the underlying coin advertising. The most extreme top on the crowdsale is $8.1 million. A sum of 16 percent of the tokens will be assigned to boosting interest. A fifth of the aggregate supply will be held by Chryp.to, A tenth of the tokens will go to a Reserve Fund. • 54% sold in the ICO • 16% assigned to boost interest • 10% Reserve Fund • 20% held by Chryp.to Utilization % Improvement half Showcasing 25% Legitimate 10% Hold Fund 10% Other 5% C T
      Having critically examined the vision an mission of CHRYP.TO as contained in the whitepaper and other relevant documents i have no iota of that doubt in mind that the project idea is great, viable and tale hence my recommendation for your consideration and investment thanks you will be glad you did. USEFULL LINKS: https://www.chryp.to Chryp.to Whitepaper.
      Check out the #Chrypto Get started section @ https://www.chryp.to/get-started/with-blockchains/ #cryptocurrency #crypto #ethereum #bitcoin AUTHORS DETAILS: Bitcointal name : crypto24hrs Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1840912



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