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    Hello, Blockchaintalk community! We are happy to introduce you MDL Talent Hub, the trustchain platform for monetizing people talents to disrupt entertainment industry. WHO WE ARE MDL Talent Hub, is connecting singers, dancers, actors, and other type of talents to brands and agencies. What makes MDL special is that it gives a reputation score to each party on their platform. This means that good behavior between talents, agencies, and brands will be enforced to ensure a safe, transparent and accountable ecosystem that will improve this behind-the-scenes marketplace in the entertainment industry. With the project development, we are going to setup ecosystem for everyone on our planet to monetize their hobbies via the paying audience. Meta-data mining will be enabled via Fiber CXO protocol. MARKET PROBLEMS The success of a promotional event, TVC shooting, or fashion show highly depends on the talents involved. When a big amount of resources is concentrated to push forward a product or an idea it is absolutely necessary to be able to ensure talents will do their best. On the other hand, talents are often misused, cheated, or simply treated badly. Thus it can be costly and challenging to establish cooperation with professional, well-behaved models, actors, and other types of artists until they are sure that everything will go well. Since the market is continuing to grow there is a sound call for regulations and transparency arising from both sides - bookers and talents. SEARCH: channels are not consolidated, talent search is still done manually REPUTATION: a lot of misbehavior is happening because it is not going to be traced PRESENTATION: there is no industry standard for presentation materials SOLUTION We are creating the MDL platform for both talents and bookers to make their lives more convenient and efficient. A clear understanding of business processes in the talent market as well as the ability to utilize contemporary tech solutions will make our team a game changer in the industry. Our tools will help to resolve existing issues and make life better for conscientious market participants. INNOVATIVE REVENUE STREAMS 1) Reputation-based partnership programs with brands. Talents are special. They are above average in skills, appearance, and personality. People look at them more often. So why don’t they get a discount on some products or services for becoming a form of live advertisement? The higher the talent reputation, the higher the discount - this is advertisement sharing. 2) Prosumer Ecosystem marketplace. Often talents use extremely customized equipment or costumes which cannot be found in ordinary shops, so they create these themselves! Crafted costumes, equipment, supplies, and other related items are all tradable and rentable commodities. Our MDL platform will make it easy to get involved in this marketplace using MDL token. ITO Stage 1: [24 Mar, 2018 - 24 Apr, 2018] Soft cap: 1 800 000 USD Hard cap: 2 500 000 USD Token Price: $0.03-0.035 ITO Stage 2: [25 Aug, 2018 - 25 Sep, 2018] Soft cap: 8 200 000 USD Hard cap: 17 500 000 USD Token Price: 0.4-0.05 USD Join our Social Media Channels to know more about MDL Talent Hub and stay up-to-date with the latest news: Website Telegram Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Youtube Bitcointalk Bounty Bitcointalk Medium Instagram Yours, MDL Talent Hub

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