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  1. What VC’s Look for When Investing in Crypto with David Siemer - Evolvement: The Financial Podcast EVOLVEMENT.IO In this episode, I sit down with David Siemer to discuss how VC’s and bigger investors choose which projects to invest in and which to avoid. The goal of this interview was to step into the mind of a larger scale investor to learn about what they look for in potential investments. We speak […]
  2. Can the Economic Situation of Venezuela Be Fixed? With Economist Aarón Olmos - Evolvement: The Financial Podcast EVOLVEMENT.IO In this episode, I sit down with Aarón to discuss the economic situation of Venezuela. We chat about how this economic situation arose from past habit and patterns of national leaders. We also discuss the importance of changing these habits and how cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is playing a role...
  3. Evolvement is a podcast hosted by Nye that revolves around Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and how these play a role in the current financial models and economic systems of the world. https://evolvement.io/
  4. Holy cow, NO ICO! I want to shake your hand.
  5. It's like standing in line at Disney World, you think the line is moving, but it really isn't.
  6. Look at a blockchain explorer or download the blockchain and use the CLI.
  7. The world's first consensus-based historical record storage blockchain Immutable Records - Governance DAO - Masternodes Whitepaper http://historia.network/assets/doc/Historia-Whitepaper-v2.3.pdf A Consensus-based Immutable Historical Record When recording history there are two schools of thought: technical and contemporary records. Technical history can be largely inaccurate because of the lack of accurate records from the timeframe in question. Contemporary history can also be inaccurate because the idea of the historian as a participant can give an incomplete version of events. Our goal is that by allowing the masses to record consensus-based contemporary historical records as it occurs, future technical historians can produce a more accurate record of history. It's the best of both worlds. Voting-Based Record System The best time to record an accurate view of history is either as it happens or shortly thereafter. By allowing the node owners to vote on record proposals for the inclusion of current events, the world will have a consensus-based history rather than one colored by the political will of a specific country or media bias. Incentivised Node & Content Submission The Historia team does not want to rely on the good nature and free time of its users to provide relevant content to the Historia blockchain. When users submit a record proposal, they also can submit a request for payment. This is a network feature and payments are not based on the Historia team, company, or any future foundation. The node owners will also be incentivized for hosting and maintaining the network. Governance DAO The Historia node owners control the direction of the network. To provide a truly unbiased historical record, the Historia team has made the conscious decision to not have control over the direction of the network nor content that is approved. The Historia node owners will be able to vote on what direction the network should take.
  8. Australia is getting all the ATM love!
  9. IMO a token isn't a cryptocurrency it's a cryptoasset.
  10. Shame what happened to Cryptopia. Quality exchange which has been around since the dawn of time. Wish them all the best during the re-opening!
  11. Sometimes I feel Ethereum is like an old car stuck in the mud. Of course, what do I know. If you're making money, you're making money.
  12. The powers that be want to turn crypto into Wall Street.

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