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  1. Polkadot - heterogeneous multi‑chain technology https://polkadot.network It consists of many parachains with potentially differing characteristics which can make it easier to achieve anonymity or formal verification. Transactions can be spread out across the chains, allowing many more to be processed in the same period of time. Polkadot ensures that each of these blockchains remains secure and that any dealings between the are faithfully executed. Specialised parachains called bridges can be created to link independent chains. We envision a Web where our identity and our data is our own - safely secured from any central authority. Our aim is to reshape the existing internet structure into what we are calling Web3: a completely decentralized web. Polkadot is built to connect private/consortium chains, public/permissionless networks, oracles and future technological developments yet to be created in the Web3 ecosystem. It enables an internet where independent blockchains can exchange information and trust-free transactions via the Polkadot relay chain, with the key tenets of scalability, governance and interoperability. By connecting these dots, we allow for the development of a truly decentralized web, serving as a foundational building block for the creation of an ecosystem of Dapps and services that will distribute power and equity for the common good.
  2. Catallaxy - Blockchain Solutions and Support https://catallaxy.com With more than 15 Montreal-based experts and nearly 50 strategic partners worldwide, our service offering combines the technical expertise of the best core Blockchain talent and the strategic consulting power of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton.
  3. Blockchain investment firm acquires Swedish colocation provider Hydro66 Canadian investment firm Arctic Blockchain has acquired renewably powered colocation specialist Hydro66 to cash in on demand for datacentre capacity from cryptocurrency miners Swedish colocation provider Hydro66 has been acquired by a Canadian blockchain investment company, as it reinforces its commitment to expanding its renewable energy-powered datacentres. Hydro66 opened for business in October 2015, with a capacity of 3.2MW, and in that time has attracted a mix of enterprise colocation clients and wholesale cryptocurrency customers. In response to this demand, the firm has vowed to expand the capacity of its facility, which runs on hydroelectricity supplied by the neighbouring Lule River in Sweden, to 40MW by early 2019. The company’s acquirer, Arctic Blockchain, said the deal would pave the way for it to enter the cryptocurrency mining market, while lending support for Hydro66’s wider growth plans, on the back of a $10m CAD funding round. Read More http://www.computerweekly.com/news/252436118/Blockchain-investment-firm-acquires-Swedish-colocation-provider-Hydro66-for-10m
  4. Why Decentralization Matters During the first era of the internet — from the 1980s through the early 2000s — internet services were built on open protocols that were controlled by the internet community. This meant that people or organizations could grow their internet presence knowing the rules of the game wouldn’t change later on. Huge web properties were started during this era including Yahoo, Google, Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. In the process, the importance of centralized platforms like AOL greatly diminished. During the second era of the internet, from the mid 2000s to the present, for-profit tech companies — most notably Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon (GAFA) — built software and services that rapidly outpaced the capabilities of open protocols. The explosive growth of smartphones accelerated this trend as mobile apps became the majority of internet use. Eventually users migrated from open services to these more sophisticated, centralized services. Even when users still accessed open protocols like the web, they would typically do so mediated by GAFA software and services. Read More https://medium.com/@cdixon/why-decentralization-matters-5e3f79f7638e
  5. Bush Security Advisor Warns Against Blockchain Cold War The man who helped invent the financial embargoes that cut off terrorist funding after 9/11 is concerned that cryptocurrencies could be used to undermine his creations. A former deputy assistant to U.S. President George W. Bush, and a former deputy national security advisor for combating terrorism, Juan Zarate is widely credited with helping create sanctions tools and financial instruments that put pressure on enemies of the state. But as blockchain technologybegins to break down borders and empower the unbanked, Zarate is growing concerned it might also be weaponized to illicit ends. To be clear, Zarate supports the idea that blockchain and cryptocurrencies could give "greater autonomy" to individuals, while potentially boosting "commercial activity." Now a senior adviser at Washington D.C.-based think tank, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Zarate was also among the technology's earliest advocates, having been an advisorto U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase since 2014. Still, he's adamant there needs to be more transparency about how even governments might use blockchain due to the geo-political nature of the monetary system it could help reimagine. Key to the success of the tools Zarate created, for example, was the U.S. dollar's status as the de facto global reserve currency. By creating ways to strategically cut off a nation's access to the dollar, Zarate was able to effectively restrict their ability to wage war or otherwise undermine U.S. interests. Read More https://www.coindesk.com/bush-security-advisor-warns-blockchain-cold-war/
  6. Robinhood App Everything in One Place Cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, and options are now available side by side — all easily accessible in one app. Instant Access to Funds Get instant access to your funds when you deposit or sell stocks to buy cryptocurrencies. On Robinhood you’ll never miss out on an investment opportunity again. Secure & Trusted Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are now available on our trusted, secure investment platform. We use cutting-edge security measures to protect your assets and your personal information. Managing your investments just got even easier. Website https://crypto.robinhood.com/ Twitter https://www.twitter.com/robinhoodapp

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