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  1. Interesting article. "The core purpose of a consensus mechanism is always the same: it is there to provide proof of something, to ensure that all network nodes can agree on the true and valid state of the blockchain. This is how malicious attacks on the network are avoided. Without it, there could be no value in crypto." Read More Bitcoin's Proof of Work Carries Fundamental Flaws: Blockchain Needs a Superior Consensus Mechanism WWW.FORBES.COM It appears that there are problems with Bitcoin's Proof of Work System. So what's required to move ahead in this field and to avoid any malicious attacks on the blockchain?
  2. I'll admit, I'm not hardcore. I'm not sure I can watch all the TV shows... there are a lot.
  3. I've been trying to find a good resource which lists the correct way to watch the Marvel Universe. I found this article which is good, but there was another one which had an entirely different order. How to watch every Marvel film and TV show in chronological order WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK With Avengers: Infinity War the Marvel Cinematic Universe has now been rolling forward for exactly 10 years. As these movies have gone on, they’ve also become ever-more interlinked, featuring regular cameos, references, and Easter Eggs to other instalments. Any thoughts?
  4. Interesting article on Grayscale on CNBC. Bitcoin prices continue to drag lower this year as retail interest fizzles. But institutional investors seem to be picking up that slack, and led the world's largest digital currency investment firm to notch record inflows this year. New York- based Grayscale, a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, brought in $81.1 million in total investments for the third quarter, according to a company report published Thursday. The 33 percent uptick from the previous three months brings Grayscale's inflows for the year to $330 million, its strongest year-to-date total since the firm started five years ago. At this time last year, the firm had raised a total $25.4 million by comparison. The firm now has $1.5 billion in customer assets. Crypto investment firm Grayscale rakes in $330 million this year despite bitcoin bear market WWW.CNBC.COM Grayscale Investments has raised a record $330 million this year, mostly from institutional investors.
  5. Interesting article from Bloomberg Law. Chinese tech companies may outpace their foreign counterparts in developing blockchain technology with the help of government moves to foster intellectual property protections, IP attorneys told Bloomberg Law. National and local authorities have been offering incentives — including subsidizing patent fees, rewards for filings and tax credits tied to patent output — to companies to protect blockchain intellectual property rights in anticipation of its growing importance, according to IP lawyers. Private Chinese companies want to gain ground in the burgeoning technology ahead of overseas competitors, attorneys said. https://biglawbusiness.com/china-aims-to-spur-blockchain-with-intellectual-property-focus/
  6. Thanks for posting! You don't need to use the "quote" when posting.
  7. I didn't see the movies when they first came out. Just started watching the series and love it. I forgot how much I was a Tom Cruise fan. Simon Pegg is also awesome.
  8. Hello. We've upgraded / updated the site! Hope you enjoy the new features.
  9. Some pretty interesting stuff is coming out.
  10. Polkadot - heterogeneous multi‑chain technology https://polkadot.network It consists of many parachains with potentially differing characteristics which can make it easier to achieve anonymity or formal verification. Transactions can be spread out across the chains, allowing many more to be processed in the same period of time. Polkadot ensures that each of these blockchains remains secure and that any dealings between the are faithfully executed. Specialised parachains called bridges can be created to link independent chains. We envision a Web where our identity and our data is our own - safely secured from any central authority. Our aim is to reshape the existing internet structure into what we are calling Web3: a completely decentralized web. Polkadot is built to connect private/consortium chains, public/permissionless networks, oracles and future technological developments yet to be created in the Web3 ecosystem. It enables an internet where independent blockchains can exchange information and trust-free transactions via the Polkadot relay chain, with the key tenets of scalability, governance and interoperability. By connecting these dots, we allow for the development of a truly decentralized web, serving as a foundational building block for the creation of an ecosystem of Dapps and services that will distribute power and equity for the common good.



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