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  1. Take a Ride on the Blockchain WWW.CHASYR.COM First blog and introduction of Chasyr July 4th 2017
  2. HOW IT BEGAN Chasyr was started by Tommy Marquez , a current rideshare driver with a reputation for signing up thousands of drivers since he began in late 2014. While trying to start up his own idea of the next Uber in 2015 he simply just didn’t know where to begin. After researching the industry from a different perspective it was clear it would be a tough road ahead. Then he heard about a startup who’s goal was to create a platform where entrepreneurial drivers like himself could create their own ridesharing network. It was called Arcade City. After joining them in hopes of having a way to create Chasyr , Tommy went full force in helping them and became California State Director and Outreach Director of the organization. After a company split, Tommy was then hired to lead the Swarm City marketing team into making sure all ICO participants were able to swap out their Arcade City tokens ( ARC ) for Swarm City Tokens ( SWT ). Swarm City is a decentralized commerce platform that became the first live decentralized application ( dApp ) in existence. A few months later Tommy replaced himself with what is now the Swarm City marketing hive to pursue his ridesharing journey. With the new found knowledge and experiences of blockchain technology, decentralization, cryptocurrency and most importantly reputation he was ready to pursue the Chasyr dream. Since July 4th 2017, Tommy has been able to organically create a team with over 40 years experience combined in the transportation industry, create milestone partnerships, and even be chosen to attend TechCrunch disrupt and StartupGrind’s Global Conference as 1 of 134 most innovative startups of 2018. THE VISION We believe that platforms that are forced to drive down the compensation of their participants and that do not allow their participants in a network to know the history of transactions on that network are fundamentally broken. Furthermore, we believe that the collective input of the drivers/riders, who are the most incentivized to be good stewards to the platform, should drive the pricing of the network. Unlike legacy companies, Chasyr will operate a hybrid TNC/SaaS model. In many markets, Chasyr will operate a company owned TNC, while providing a decentralized software platform available in markets for local TNCs to operate their own businesses in the fragmented regulatory landscape. Low fees allow us to have competitive rates with any competitor without having to discount rides for new users. Cryptocurrency tips and earnings will create a new incentivized experience for our riders and drivers. Chasyr token ownership incentives platform adoption. Drivers and riders alike are incentivized to become stewards and advocates of the best platform for transportation. Chasyr focuses on creating driver trust in the company, with a strong emphasis on retention and growth. Chasyr will operate with drastically lower costs than legacy rideshare companies. We aim to be the first blockchain-powered rideshare startup to market. Lower fees & no surge pricing. THE APP The Chasyr mobile app (Android and iOS) and software platform will be built with React Native, the mobile application framework created by Facebook for speed and ease of development, the Embark framework, and IPFS. The mobile app will simplify the process of purchasing Chasyr Tokens (MPH) and exchanging them for ETH or USD. The first design prototype of the mobile app can be seen here (be sure to install the Axure browser plugin before viewing). NO ICO We believe that the value of a token specifically created for use of a startup should reflect the value that people see in the startup itself. Since we were fortunate to fund ourselves this far we are leaving the rest up to you. To start a self sustainable cryptocurrency based company we have made our token and plan to use it to self fund Chasyr and finish what we started. There is no expected price for trading of our token ( MPH ) and no guarantee that it will increase in price. MPH will always be available to the public to be used within the Chasyr platform to take a ride on the blockchain. CHASYR TOKENS There is a total supply of 100.000.000 Chasyr Tokens ( MPH ) No more MPH tokens can or will be created, yes they already exist. MPH will be introduced on exchanges for purchase before app release. ( EtherDelta first ) Chasyr Tokens (MPH) will be used for many different functions within the Chasyr software platform. Some of these functions include: Ride payment - rides will be paid with MPH and can be cashed out or traded for Ethereum (ETH) or Fiat at any time. Tipping - all users can tip each other, send and receive MPH. Airdrops - will be used for bonuses, rewards and future marketing in general.

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