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  1. Biggercoin & Biggerpay - Affiliates The Biggercoin & Biggerpay developers are inviting you to join the Biggercoin & Biggerpay team through the organization's affiliate program. The Biggercoin & Biggerpay affiliate program is designed to carry the Biggercoin currency and Biggerpay's products and services around the world. The Biggercoin & Biggerpay affiliate system in this first phase is promoting the sale of the currency, giving a direct remuneration of 30% on the sale of the coin package and also a 5% commission on the sale on its team. For you to participate in the affiliate program is very simple just contact a member affiliated with the Biggercoin & Biggerpay system and request the registration link, if you need support to get the registration link, just contact us that we will help you . It is important to remember that there are more forms of remuneration besides selling. Get in touch to know more. Enjoy to join quickly because soon you can exhaust the number of participants. Important to activate in the affiliate system the user must purchase a package of coins from Biggercoin. Kind regards. Team Biggercoin & Biggerpay Website: https://biggercoin.org
  2. The Biggercoin was developed with the algorithm Scrypt PoW/PoS hybrid system, a currency with inflation of 4% annually on the number of existing currencies, Biggercoin was programmed to follow the growth of the currency in a sustainable way and to allow its mining in all the time of its existence. Biggercoin offers faster transactions than its predecessor Bitcoin, "Biggercoin" takes about 5 seconds to 2 minutes to confirm your transactions. Biggercoin is a Peer to peer system that operates decentralized governments, with high technology employed to always maintain the anonymity of its users and high security. Biggercoin can be mined from any computer because it uses the Scrypt PoW / PoS algorithm for easy mining, making mining just and affordable without major hardware investments. Biggercoin, in addition to offering the traditional storage and transaction portfolios of its Biggercoins, is working on new technologies and tools for converting the immediate "Biggercoin" currency into local currency around the world through the "Biggerpay" system that will use the processing network of credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa to convert "Biggercoins" to the local currency of their destination country, thus making it easier for the currency user to access any type of product, cash withdrawals at ATMs around the world, all of this 100% anonymous form with no records and no records. Biggercoin is big because it thinks of several factors of this the security of the anonymity of its users, the global acceptance of their currencies using the conversion to local currency that is in phase of tests "Biggerpay" that is to be launched in the next years. Biggercoin is born with the mission of being as secure as the predecessor Bitcoin and anonymous as the same, but with more speed of confirmation of its transactions and more comprehensive in its global acceptance, for the conversion of the currency "Biggercoin" to local currency of destination so it will be possible to use your Biggercoins at local trades everywhere in the world and it will be possible to withdraw this currency at any ATM from anywhere in the world. Blockchain properties Algorithm: Scrypt Type: PoW / PoS Coin name: Biggercoin Coin abbreviation: [BGC] Coin supply: 112.000.000 Premine: 78.400.000 Biggercoin is a possible coin to mine it throughout its existence because it is a currency that has an annual inflation of 4%, we like miners and they are an important part of the digital currency system, so we always have to think in favor as well to all the miners and this was thought of. At Biggercoin anyone with a computer can mine Biggercoins so you just have any amount of Biggercoins coins in your wallet and activate the betting option, so you already start to mine some coins. In the creation of theBiggercoin currency was executed a pre-mining of about 70% of its crypto-coins to the Biggercoin and leaving about the remaining 30% to miners plus the 4% annual inflation throughout its existence that is untouchable by Biggercoin, only being acquired through mining. Biggercoin is the digital currency that arrives to simplify the use of digital coins around the world! Biggercoins coins may be exchanged for US $ and used anywhere in the world to make payments on the debit or credit card Biggerpay or even withdrawals in banks. Project Biggercoin is the digital currency revolution as it is designed to facilitate the use of crypto-currencies worldwide. Safety Through Script POW / POS encryption, it enables faster, safer, and decentralized transactions using the Peer to Peer network. Solution Biggercoins are quickly converted into US $ on the Biggerpay platform and you can use your coins to buy products, make withdrawals or payments of any kind anywhere in the world. Simplifying The crypto-currency market is a promising market but the use of these coins on a day-to-day basis is not yet very easy, Biggercoin arrives to serve this market and simplify the use of digital coins. Biggerpay Card This card arrives to give freedom of payment of any type of product or make withdrawals in ATMs, making your coins be transformed into coins of your country. Support Biggercoin is one of the few digital coins in the world that supports its users, this stand makes all the difference in the use of their currencies in the day to day. Source code: https://github.com/biggercoin/crypto-currency Join Biggercoin now and join this revolution! Visit the https://biggercoin.org website and download your wallet.



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