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  1. On April 10th (block 227001) we will hardfork to v15 which will include Bulletproofs V2, SECOR (Uncle mining), 20 second block target time, and MINED_MONEY_UNLOCK_WINDOW_V2=1000. We are now blocking v1.0.3.4 and earlier, and after the hardfork only v1.0.3.5 will be allowed on the network. Miners can update ahead of time to prepare, and expect no interruption in service. As the block target time is 1/3 of the current block target (60s), the reward will be 1/3 the current block reward and thus the emission curve remains the same. Linux Binaries ( https://www.minesolo.com/release/solo-v1.0.3.5-linux64.tar.gz ) Windows Binaries ( https://www.minesolo.com/release/solo-v1.0.3.5-win64.zip ) Source ( https://gitlab.com/solo-project/solo )
  2. Solo (XSL) is a scalability and privacy focused cryptocurrency which concentrates on being pool, ASIC, GPU and NiceHash resistant while scaling better on low to mid range CPUs than most CN PoW variants. The proof-of-work function guarantees egalitarian voting, so that none of the participants can utilize special purpose devices to obtain an excessive voting advantage. * PoW algorithm: CN-IO * Protocols: RingCT, CryptoNote, WWHM, Full Bulletproofs, SECOR * Max supply: ~18.5 Billion before tail emission * Block reward: Adaptive (see below) * Block time: 20 seconds * Difficulty: Re-targets at every block * Genesis block: 11/2/2018, 8:00:54 AM UTC * Premine: 70368.744177663 (see below) * Version: v1.0.3.5 'Han' Block Reward Adaptive Reward based on historical data - emission formula slightly decreases block reward each block as a function of all coinbase transaction amounts previously generated. Reward for blocks 1-88,000 based on a speed factor per minute of 22, resulting in a reward ranging from 549.755797504 to 548.315910839. Reward for blocks 88,001 and greater based on a speed factor per minute of 25, resulting in a reward starting at 4,386.527155990 at block 88,001. At block 227,001 the block target was changed from 60s -> 20s and thus the reward cut into 1/3, resulting in a reward starting at 1414.513079344. See the latest block coinbase transaction amount for the current block reward. Solo's emission schedule is slower than bitcoin and does not include disruptive halving events. Funding All current infrastructure costs have been paid out of personal funds, with no ICO and no crowd funding. Premine and Early Contributions Solo is a continuation of a side project started by NERVA developer angrywasp and included a pre-mine of ~70,368, representing 0.00038% of the total supply. At block 66001 a hard fork was activated, after this time the founder no longer participated in development. At the time of the fork ~36,318,207 coins had been minted representing ~0.196% of the total supply. Research Ring Confidential Transactions (transactions use RCT by default in Solo): https://lab.getmonero.org/pubs/MRL-0005.pdf CryptoNote v2: https://cryptonote.org/whitepaper.pdf Bulletproofs: https://ostif.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/OSTIF-QuarksLab-Monero-Bulletproofs-Final2.pdf WHM DAA: https://getmasari.org/research-papers/wwhm.pdf SECOR: https://github.com/masari-project/research-corner/blob/master/secor/secor.pdf Discussion Discord: https://discord.gg/K62KCcm Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/soloproject Block Explorer http://explorer.minesolo.com/ Source https://gitlab.com/solo-project/solo/ Binaries http://minesolo.com/release/solo-v1.0.3.5-win64.zip http://minesolo.com/release/solo-v1.0.3.5-linux64.tar.gz Blockchain snapshot http://minesolo.com/release/blockchain.raw Importing the blockchain snapshot (be sure that the blockchain.raw is placed in the same dir that binaries reside): Linux: ./solo-blockchain-import --input-file=blockchain.raw --verify=0 Windows: solo-blockchain-import.exe --input-file=blockchain.raw --verify=0 Mining --mining-threads=0 will attempt to autodetect the correct # of threads to mine with, this is a good baseline but you can also try setting +1 CPU thread per CPU thread, and even try higher to see if hashrate increases. If you GPU mine another coin you may need to leave an additional thread to be sure to not bottleneck your GPUs. Example .bat for Windows: solod.exe --start-mining {address} --mining-threads 0 Example .sh for Linux: ./solod --start-mining {address} --mining-threads 0

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