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Found 9 results

  1. Hello All. Oracol Xor cryptocurrency platform ICO is coming very soon ( the launch date is expected to be in the first half of June 2018).We are currently preparing the advertising campaign and will post here the final date and the ICO website. However the reason I am posting today is to announce a two phase ICO and in Phase II early adopters and miners can sell their Oracol Xor coins ( 1 Oracol Xor = $0.05 - there will be a 10% commission that will go to the ICO organizers, bounty hunters etc) so there is still about a month left to mine and YOU take advantage as well of phase II by mining our coin. How?? 1) begin by downloading the latest version of Oracol Xor windows wallet here OracolXor Wallet HERE or compile from Github HERE.The latest wallets include importing paper wallets functionality. Our first iteration of the paper wallet is hosted here Oracol Xor paper wallet HERE. 2) Check the mining pools Oracol Official Mining Pool HERE or third party mining Lpool HERE 3) Register for an account on Oracol Xor Gateway HERE to be able to send us the coins for phase II ICO. 4) Join our Telegram group HERE for news and updates. Happy mining and thank you! Oracol Xor Team P.S. check our main site for latest promotional videos https://oracol.org
  2. Hi everyone! We are thrilled to introduce you BizShake, the first decentralized P2P renting and pawning ecosystem based on NEO Blockchain! We are happy to launch our account and share with you our common threads, updates, and answer any questions you might have about our project. But firstly, let us tell you more about BizShake. Who We Are We are a team of IT, Retail, E-Commerce, and Blockchain professionals who are building an ecosystem of dApps to benefit users from renting and pawning their own properties with the community. What We Do Our goal is to implement Sharing Economy 2.0 through P2P transactions based on the Blockchain technology, greatly reducing intermediary costs for trust provision and payment settling. We will implement SmartRent and SmartPawn. What is the Problem Traditional renting and pawning are conducted in the B2C model where platforms regulate all assets and transactions. Most of the current P2P renting is conducted in the centralized way where users have to pay a very high commission fee to the platform, while P2P pawning is not even a hot topic yet. It has always been a dilemma between how to regulate P2P transactions and how to lower the fees charged by platforms. What is Our Solution BizShake will implement P2P sharing 2.0 based on Blockchain technology through the establishment of BizShake ecosystem composed of 2 dApps and innovative functionalities: SmartRent: P2P renting regulated by smart contract based on blockchain SmartPawn: P2P pawning regulated by smart contract based on blockchain SmartIdentity: a specific AI algorithm to calculate user profile and credibility level SmartCertify: the tokenization of real assets on blockchain SmartDispute: an automated P2P dispute system regulated under peer control SmartAPI: the protocol to implement BizShake business logics for vertical markets by third-party developers Join our community, we will make sure all your questions are answered: Website: https://www.bizshake.io/ Telegram: https://t.me/bizshake Medium: https://medium.com/bizshake Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bizshake Twitter: https://twitter.com/BizShake_ico LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bizshake For any inquiries, you can also write to us: [email protected]io NB. We are launching an ICO for fundraising to develop our business on its full scale. In order to be fully compliant with government regulation, we are undergoing the procedure for SEC REG A+ application. ICO date and economics will be disclosed soon once the compliance application is filed. Stay tuned with us! Yours, BizShake team
  3. Official PentaCore Announcement Thread PentaFund by PentaCore ICO Bench Rating https://icobench.com/ico/pentacore Track ICO Rating https://www.trackico.io/ico/pentacore/ Want to learn more about PentaCore? Website: https://pentacore.io Whitepaper: https://pentacore.io/pdfs/PentaCore_whitepaper_20170115.pdf Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pentacore/ Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/Er6wPg4mnZHoEc3cDk8eWw Twitter: https://twitter.com/PentaCoreFunds Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PentaCoreFunds/ Medium: https://medium.com/@PentacoreFunds
  4. Kodak Catches Crypto Fever Eastman Kodak is soaring after the company revealed plans to launch an initial coin offering. Shares were up as much as 77% in the first hour after the company announced the creation of KODAKCoin, trading as high as $5.50. Kodak said the coin will power KODAKOne, a new platform that will help photographers license their work. It described KODAKOne as an encrypted, digital ledger that will create “a new economy for photography” that will facilitate payments for the licensing and track the unlicensed usage of images. “For many in the tech industry, ‘blockchain’ and ‘cryptocurrency’ are hot buzzwords, but for photographers who’ve long struggled to assert control over their work and how it’s used, these buzzwords are the keys to solving what felt like an unsolvable problem,” said Kodak CEO Jeff Clarke in a statement released at noon Eastern time. Kodak is the latest company to see its shares soar after publicizing plans to explore the world of bitcoin or blockchain, the technology behind it. Others getting into the area include a former electronic cigarette company, a biotech firm, and an entity formed last year through a reverse merger with a sports-bra maker. A company that owns several burger restaurants, Chanticleer Holdings, saw its shares rise more than 40% on the day it announced that it will use blockchain technology to provide a currency for its customer loyalty programs, and a firm formerly known as Long Island Iced Tea Corp. managed to avoid seeing its shares delisted after it changed its name to Long Blockchain Corp. and said it was pivoting to investing in blockchain technology. Sometimes, even rumors are enough to send a company’s shares higher. Western Unionand Seagate Technology have both popped in the past few days after little-known websites said they had ties to a digital currency called ripple. Kodak shares have come back from their initial pop to $4.22, but are still up more than 35%. Even with Tuesday’s rise, Kodak is down more than 70% over the last 12 months. The company, which exited bankruptcy protection in 2013, has struggled to adapt to new technology in recent years. Kodak’s initial coin offering will open on January 31, and is open to accredited investors from the U.S., UK, Canada and other select countries. A web site affiliated with the offering, www.kodakcoin.com, said it would go live within 24 hours. Kodak partnered with WENN Digital, which created the KODAKOne platform and the KODAKCoin cryptocurrency. Source https://blogs.wsj.com/moneybeat/2018/01/09/kodak-catches-crypto-fever/
  5. HDCoin Presale is Live. Here's an interesting Q&A with Ben Simpson, CEO, HD Group. https://medium.com/@icohdcoin/hdcoin-q-a-forget-security-tokens-here-is-the-crypto-equity-token-a2bad8518376
  6. Exaking Is A Free Peer-To-Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange And Social Network For Crypto-Enthusiasts. PRE-SALE STARTING SOON - Benefit From 50% Bonus Tokens 😍 Exaking acts as a free, fast intermediary between traders and brings them together. This social trading platform gives you endless possibilities and connects all kinds of investors from novice to advanced. It enables anyone independently of the device (desktop, smartphone...) to exchange all pairs of cryptocurrencies or buy and sell cryptocurrencies using cash. (Exchange crypto with crypto, cash with crypto, Paypal money with crypto, it's all up to the traders.) Exaking makes it possible to create buy and sell offers or find buy and sell offers, nearby or worldwide. Users have the opportunity to directly meet with people in a radius nearby or constitute their own Terms And Conditions and share them with other people over our smart Messaging System. We are funding our platform through advertisements by ICO companies, crypto companies and blockchain projects. Those companies have the opportunity to reach their paying target audience immediately. This kind of advertising is becoming essential as a lot of big social media websites that have been the engine of successful ICO campaigns are banning crypto advertising and all kinds relating to the blockchain.
  7. TrakInvest has moved to Blockchain; launched its own Cryptocurrency - the TRAK Token TrakInvest, the virtual social trading platform and a fast growing ed-tech firm has moved to Blockchain and launched its own Cryptocurrency. The company plans to raise USD 30 million capital through the company's Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to fuel its product and geographical extension. Details of this ICO project are available on www.trakInvest.ai. While the financial industry has witnessed greater push towards a diversity of cryptocurrencies recently, TrakInvest with its unique and innovative platform has been changing the Financial Services landscape across Asia since the past three years. Headquartered in Singapore, with operations in India, Thailand and Hong Kong, TrakInvest, at its core, is about "Crowdsourcing of Financial Wisdom" and rewarding its participants in a decentralized economy, based on performance and insights. With a growing community of 100,000+ users, it has today become the world's first virtual social trading platform that crowd sources fundamental and social trading data to generate profitable trading signals and ideas. The rising demand from the TrakInvest community has prompted the firm to make the next move to the blockchain ecosystem and launch its own cryptocurrency. This currency known as the "TRAK" Token has been available for public sale since 16 Dec 2017. Based on the Ethereum platform, the token launch will introduce a reward economy where the producers of trading data, insights and sentiments will be globally rewarded in a transparent and frictionless manner. "The platform which currently provides virtual equity trading will also be introducing a virtual trading platform for cryptocurrencies and the next generation of "crowdsourced" sentiment tools for equities and cryptocurrencies. These proprietary tools will be developed using the social trading data and behaviour collected for the last three years. TrakInvest aims to empower the retail investor with all these tools to create a level playing field removing the information asymmetry that has plagued them for so many years," said Bobby Bhatia - founder and CEO, TrakInvest. TrakInvest will also be launching its physical academies to not only promote investing as a life skill but also to expose, train, and re-skill investment and technical talent on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. TrakInvest is backed by a highly experienced management team and an advisory board. The senior management of the team has held leadership positions in leading firms including J. P. Morgan Partners, AIG, State Bank of India and ICICI Securities. The global advisory board is comprised of individuals and existing investors with strong global experience and exposure in technology, telecommunications, media, cryptocurrencies and financial services. They have held leadership positions in companies including Spotify, Siri, Summly, Bitcasa, Fixmo, Ginger, Desti, Magisto, Nexon and StudioX. (ANI-BusinessWireIndia) Website https://trakinvest.ai/ Source https://www.aninews.in/news/business/business/trakinvest-has-moved-to-blockchain-launched-its-own-cryptocurrency-the-trak-token201712191655250003/
  8. BlockArray looks for companies willing to pilot blockchain-enabled tech When your CEO asks you to get some of that blockchain he has heard so much about, many CTOs are left trying to explain that you just can’t buy blockchain. But as the underlying technology for a suite of new supply chain solutions, blockchain will be extremely useful to the CEO – even if he doesn’t understand exactly what it is. Fortunately, more companies are building applications to run on blockchain, which provides a trusted, immutable digital record of transactions and is viewed as a game-changing technology for the supply chain. Chattanooga, TN-based BlockArray is one of the companies working to develop blockchain-enabled solutions, and it is looking for companies to participate in pilot studies. “It’s using an open-source blockchain, Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum enterprise,” co-founder San Bacha explains to FreightWaves. BlockArray, which has been self-funded since launching earlier this year, has spent plenty of time doing research and trial and error, Bacha says, but is now ready with an alpha version of the solution for shippers and carriers to pilot. He adds that the trials will help BlockArray fine-tune based on feedback. “Right now we’re focused on chain of custody because that is the most compelling use case for blockchain,” Bacha says. That chain-of-custody is based on product barcodes. Barcodes must meet GS1 standards, which include a unique 6- to 9-digit company code as well as “product numbers” that identify the product. The 12th digit is the “check digit.” The BlockArray solution breaks down that 12-digit code into “constituent parts,” parses them and builds them into a url/uri/mobile app. The resulting information indicates if the product is authentic or whether it may have been tampered with. All this information is entered into the blockchain through the barcode, which is purchased from GS1. Barcodes are essentially “hex data,” the company explains. Once this information is entered, BlockArray takes the barcodes associated with the customer’s account and creates a hash. “Then using the Keccak-256 hash, a transaction is signed on the online site and submitted to the smart contract,” the company explains. The smart contract is then used to track products through the supply chain. By aggregating all the information, complete visibility will be available. In the case of a food product, the blockchain would allow users to see things such as what organization certified the product, the producer, reviews, potential hazards, recalls and more. The BlockArray vision is larger than just this, though, with potential applications in warehouse management and trailer usage optimization among others. Bacha explains that companies could use information on the blockchain that would allow several fleets to better utilize trailers as part of a trailer pool. The company sees potential products from visual smart contracts, mobile apps, ELD integration, virtualized shipping pools, and ERP integrations. One of the benefits of the solutions is the ability to let companies “speak” to each other. “With Hyperledger Fabric, [each company] could have their own Hyperledger Fabric in the cloud and two companies could be talking to each other and no one will be able to see they are talking to each other,” he says. Bacha says the company hopes to have a blockchain-enabled product on the market by April that would capture ELD and HOS data for drivers. Other products down the line might include a way for small carriers and contractors to list unused capacity in their trailers and allow the marketplace to bid on that capacity through the ELD integration. The entire process, from the listing, to the bidding, to pickup and final delivery would be contained within the blockchain. BlockArray hopes to launch its barcode website and mobile app in the first quarter of 2018 with visual smart contracts launching in the third quarter. Read More https://www.freightwaves.com/news/2017/12/19/blockarray-looks-for-companies-willing-to-pilot-blockchain-enabled-tech
  9. HDCoin AN ASIA-PACIFIC CRYPTO-EQUITY INCUBATOR HDCoin, is a token backed by assets & equity in a growing tech business. With a trading history of over a decade, established brands and innovative projects, this ICO promises to be a sellout. Register for updates. Download Whitepaper. | WEBSITE : https://hdcoin.co | WHITEPAPER : https://hdcoin.co/assets/docs/whitepaper.pdf | REDDIT : https://www.reddit.com/r/hdcoin | MEDIUM :https://medium.com/@icohdcoin | GITHUB : https://github.com/hdcoin | TWITTER : https://twitter.com/icohdcoin | FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/ico.hdcoin/ Explainer video on HDCoin | WEBSITE : https://hdcoin.co | WHITEPAPER : https://hdcoin.co/assets/docs/whitepaper.pdf | REDDIT : https://www.reddit.com/r/hdcoin | MEDIUM :https://medium.com/@icohdcoin | GITHUB : https://github.com/hdcoin | TWITTER : https://twitter.com/icohdcoin | FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/ico.hdcoin/



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