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Hi everyone!

We are thrilled to introduce you BizShake, the first decentralized P2P renting and pawning ecosystem based on NEO Blockchain! We are happy to launch our account and share with you our common threads, updates, and answer any questions you might have about our project. But firstly, let us tell you more about BizShake.

Who We Are


We are a team of IT, Retail, E-Commerce, and Blockchain professionals who are building an ecosystem of dApps to benefit users from renting and pawning their own properties with the community.

What We Do

Our goal is to implement Sharing Economy 2.0 through P2P transactions based on the Blockchain technology, greatly reducing intermediary costs for trust provision and payment settling. We will implement SmartRent and SmartPawn.

What is the Problem

Traditional renting and pawning are conducted in the B2C model where platforms regulate all assets and transactions. Most of the current P2P renting is conducted in the centralized way where users have to pay a very high commission fee to the platform, while P2P pawning is not even a hot topic yet. It has always been a dilemma between how to regulate P2P transactions and how to lower the fees charged by platforms.

What is Our Solution 

BizShake will implement P2P sharing 2.0 based on Blockchain technology through the establishment of BizShake ecosystem composed of 2 dApps and innovative functionalities:

  • SmartRent: P2P renting regulated by smart contract based on blockchain
  • SmartPawn: P2P pawning regulated by smart contract based on blockchain
  • SmartIdentity: a specific AI algorithm to calculate user profile and credibility level
  • SmartCertify: the tokenization of real assets on blockchain
  • SmartDispute: an automated P2P dispute system regulated under peer control
  • SmartAPI: the protocol to implement BizShake business logics for vertical markets by third-party developers

Join our community, we will make sure all your questions are answered:

Website: https://www.bizshake.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/bizshake
Medium: https://medium.com/bizshake

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bizshake

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BizShake_ico

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bizshake


For any inquiries, you can also write to us: [email protected]


NB. We are launching an ICO for fundraising to develop our business on its full scale. In order to be fully compliant with government regulation, we are undergoing the procedure for SEC REG A+ application. ICO date and economics will be disclosed soon once the compliance application is filed.

Stay tuned with us!

BizShake team

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BizShake welcomes Ian Scarffe onboard as our Advisor. As a leading expert and consultant in Blockchain and Crypto industries, Ian has a successful track record of helping many Blockchain startups to achieve their full potential.


BizShake, the first decentralized P2P renting and pawning ecosystem based on Neo blockchain, is committed to improve the community life by creating an ecosystem of dAPPs to benefit users from sharing their own properties in forms of renting and pawning. The company believes that the adoption of blockchain technology, through the cut of intermediary costs, is going to reshape the concept of sharing economy and revert all the economic advantages to its users. As Bizshake continues its business development, Ian brings extensive experience in the Investment and Blockchain markets to support the Bizshake STO (Security Token Offering) process.

BizShake is preparing to officially file the application of US SEC Reg A+ compliance before launching its upcoming STO. The STO will support ongoing development and user acquisition to scale the business to its full capacity.

As a Blockchain expert, Ian is on the advisory board of many successful Blockchain start-ups.

“I’m very excited to have Ian on our Advisory Board. As a highly experienced and seasoned Blockchain Advisor and successful entrepreneur, Ian’s expertise will be as asset to our upcoming US SEC Reg A+ compliant STO and its continued global business expansion” said Giuseppe Lo Presti, CEO of BizShake.

Ian Scarffe

Ian Scarffe is a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant with business experience from around the world. As a leading entrepreneur, Ian is on a personal mission to develop a culture of entrepreneurship, helping startups achieve their full potential as well as helping to expand existing companies. A leading expert in Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto industries, Ian is at the very heart of revolutionizing the financing industry across the globe and currently consults and advises for a range of multi-million dollar companies.

Ian’s overall mission is to foster a society of economically independent individuals who are engaged citizens, contributing to the improvement of their communities across the world.


Website: https://ianscarffe.com/


About BizShake

Founded in 2018 in USA, BizShake was established by an outstanding team from retail, e-commerce, technology and research companies, who are committed to improve the community life by creating the first decentralized P2P renting and pawning ecosystem based on NEO Blockchain, aiming to benefit users from the peer-to-peer transactions by sharing their own properties. BizShake will release the NEP-5 BZS token for crowdfunding during a STO that will be held in 2018 in order to raise funds to implement the company mission at its full potential.

BizShake: https://bizshake.io/


Medium: https://medium.com/bizshake





[email protected]


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Good news!


We just published the Russian translation of our whitepaper. You can download it at https://bizshake.io/sites/default/files/BizShake_Whitepaper_RUS.pdf
У нас хорошие новости! Мы только что опубликовали русскую версию нашей дорожной карты. Скачивайте на https://bizshake.io/sites/default/files/BizShake_Whitepaper_RUS.pdf


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BizShake: Enabling P2P Sharing of Real-World Assets Through SmartCertify





The Current P2P Economy


To say that peer-to-peer sharing is the future of business would be a grave understatement. Perhaps the biggest shift in the way we conduct business online has been the advent of the “sharing economy”. For the uninitiated, think “Airbnb” or “Uber”.


The current model of P2P sharing is pretty simple. Asset holders are connected with asset seekers through a centralized platform. The centralized platform provides a secure transaction, however, it consequently results in heavy operational costs which hit both parties involved in the transaction.


The New Frontier: A Decentralized P2P Sharing Economy


If the current P2P system we’re using to hire cars and book rooms is version 1.0 of the sharing economy, then the implementation of Blockchain technology in peer-to-peer transactions will lead us to version 2.0. As covered in our debut article, the NEO Blockchain will allow both the asset owner and asset seeker to save money on transaction fees, as well as increase trust in their arrangements through Smart Contracts and BizShake’s SmartCertify system.


SmartCertify is essentially our way of making sure the assets shared within the BizShake ecosystem are genuine and their values are accurate. SmartCertify will adopt the innovative Blockchain concept known as “Non-Fungible Tokens” along with an affiliation program to involve professional Certifier Users. These users will ensure that assets being rented or pawned are authentic, greatly reducing the presence of fake or broken items.


So, How Does SmartCertify Work?

Imagine you’re looking to rent a medium format camera to shoot some large-scale, quality portraits. You’ve just received a camera after agreeing to a rental fee and deposit, only to find that you’ve received a camera of lesser quality, or even worse, it’s not in working order. This is where SmartCertify comes in.


SmartCertify, BizShake’s asset verification and certification system, will help put users who rent or pawn high-value assets at ease. The system will work with Certifier Users through an affiliate program in order to guarantee that assets being rented or pawned are exactly as described by the owner. This means no fake jewelry, no replica luxury items, no broken electronics and so on.


Each Certifier User will be a third-party professional in their field (i.e. jewelers, certified auto dealers or mechanics, fashion consultants/stylists, luxury experts, etc) and must undergo rigorous examination in order to qualify as a Certifier User. These users will also be assessed in terms of their accreditation and professionalism as a means to warrant their accountability.


Once BizShake approves an individual’s request to be a Certifier, they’ll then be able to receive requests from other users looking to have their assets certified. If the asset is certified, it will be assigned a with an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) of which carries the ability to uniquely identify the particular asset as well as its owner, certifier and value.

The Certifier User will then apply an NFC or RFID device (to be provided by BizShake) to the asset to track it as it changes hands using a device of which is compatible with the BizShake application. This will allow for assets to be easily traceable on the Blockchain through the BizShake application. Also, for every asset certification the Certifier User performs, they’ll receive a commission.


Non-Fungible Tokens & Tokenization


If we look at the way many cryptocurrencies operate, the majority of tokens are fungible — meaning that they’re all identical and interchangeable. From a cryptocurrency standpoint, it’s best to have tokens that are fungible since they’re used as a means of exchange and are seen as a unit of value.


However, BizShake will be using both fungible and non-fungible coins. BZS tokens on the NEO Blockchain will be the official currency accepted within the BizShake ecosystem. There will also non-fungible tokens used as a way to identify each and every asset exchanged. This makes it easy to track a particular item’s owner, who it’s being leased to, who certified the item and of course, the item’s value. NFT’s essentially provide another layer of security and accountability for users and their assets.


Three Benefits of SmartCertify and Having Assets of Value Certified and Recorded on the Blockchain


As you might have gathered by now, there are a number of benefits to having high-valued assets certified and logged within the Blockchain.


  1. Users who rent or pawn an asset will have no doubts about an asset’s authenticity, value or condition.
  2. Thanks to non-fungible tokens and tracking devices, asset owners will be able to make sure that the asset coming back to them is the original, as opposed to a replacement or fake item.
  3. All activities related to the asset will be tracked and recorded in the ledger. All assets will have an archive of history, as will the owner in regards to activities related to the particular asset.


Furthermore, BizShake plans to form strategic partnerships with various vendors, encouraging them to register as Certifier Users. This way, when an asset is initially purchased, it will already be registered within the Blockchain without a buyer or owner needing to pay an additional fee.

So as you can see, the peer-to-peer sharing economy will continue to evolve, with the new frontier bringing tokenized physical assets through BizShake’s SmartyCertify. Blockchain will handle transactions and payments and BizShake’s decentralized ecosystem of applications, through SmartCertify, will ensure that users on both ends are protected.




Website:  https://www.bizshake.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/bizshake

Medium: https://medium.com/bizshake

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/bizshake

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BizShake_ico

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bizshake/

Email: [email protected]

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Hi BizShakers! 

We are glad to announce our cooperation with http://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/bizshake-selects-identitymind-for-kyc-and-aml-compliance-for-upcoming-security-token-offering-1020925340 markets.businessinsiderm to meet the KYC and AML compliance requirements for our upcoming Security Token Offering (STO). We are undergoing the legal procedure and will disclose the STO details soon. Stay tuned with us!

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Dear community,


we just published a new explanatory video of SmartPawn, the P2P pawning dAPP that BizShake will create. Check out all the functionalities!



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SmartDispute: The Crux of a Self-Regulated, Decentralized P2P Community




With simple transactions, it’s better to have a self-regulated system. In order to avoid the added stress and complexity of a centralized resolution centre, we’ve implemented and developed SmartDispute.


SmartDispute is essentially a peer-regulated and controlled group of arbiters who act as a jury when claims are made on our platform. Not only does it give power to the people, it also ensures that disputes are handled in a fair and timely manner.


The Three Stages of SmartDispute

1.The first stage allows a user to raise the dispute, identifying the issue that arose and asking for an equivalent penalty or compensation from the offending party. Depending on the case, there can be either a fixed penalty or a penalty request ranging from 1–99% of the deposit.


Let’s say you rented out your audio recording equipment, only to have it returned to you a few days after the agreed return date. In this case, you might have set a prior agreement that equipment returned late would result in a 10% deposit fee. If so, a message would go to the renter informing them of the fee. They would then have the option to counteroffer.


2.If an agreement hasn’t been reached after 2 rounds of offers and counteroffers, each party has the option to escalate the case to the Dispute stage. Both parties would then have to produce all necessary documents and explanations in order to form a “Case File” within the deadline imposed by the Smart Contract.


Once the case file has been created, it would be sent to a randomly selected panel of 5 Arbiters, all of whom hold high levels of credibility. These arbiters will thoroughly evaluate the case file and issue their verdicts. The penalty and final verdict are calculated using the formula below:


After each judging round, every arbiter will receive one another’s verdicts and get the chance to evaluate the scores issued. Arbiter scoring will be on a scale of 0–5, with 0 representing a score that is totally inappropriate or off-base, and 5 representing a perfectly appropriate score. This helps create consistency and honesty among arbiters.


After an arbiter has participated in at least 3 arbitrations, the Smart Contract will then review their reputation based on scores given by the other arbiters. If the score of an arbiter averages out to be less than 3.5, then they will no longer be qualified to be an arbiter.


3.Once the dispute has been settled, Smart Contract will transfer the appropriate compensation from the deposit locked in the lessee’s wallet to the lessor and unlock the remaining deposit. However, if the compensation is greater than the locked deposit, the difference will be transferred. If users don’t transfer the remaining balance within a specified time period, they’ll be flagged as “debtors” and their account will be frozen until the debt has been paid.


The Panel of Arbiters

Arbiters will be incentivized and compensated by receiving a 2% commission of the amount claimed by the user of whom escalated the dispute. This 2% commission will be shared among the panel of 5 arbiters and BizShake won’t charge any fee for the commission paid.

If an arbiter doesn’t review and judge a case within the allotted time frame, they’ll automatically receive a score of “0” and, if reiterated, lose the privilege of being an arbiter. On the other hand, if an arbiter doesn’t thoroughly review case files, they’ll likely receive a low score from their fellow arbiters as each arbiter can see one another’s score and time spent on a case.


SmartDispute Helps Peers Regulate Peers in a P2P Community

Just like the saying “teamwork makes the dream work”, the same can be said for a decentralized peer-to-peer community. In a community based on renting and pawning, disputes will be inevitable which is why our goal is to have them solved in a timely and fair manner. With the SmartDispute system and a panel of peer-reviewed arbiters, we’re hoping to streamline the dispute process while empowering members of the BizShake community.


Website: https://www.bizshake.io






Email: [email protected]

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The New Company Governance Model in the Security Tokens Era


How to solve the problem of the lack of structure and transparency when it comes to involving the token-holders in the Governance of the Company?

Here's the solution from BizShake - “Token-Holders Steering Committee” (THSC).

Check our new article by CEO of BizShake, Giuseppe Lo Presti:  Medium Article

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Don't miss the interview of our CEO and Founder Giuseppe Lo Presti with ICOinvestor.tv

All insights about BizShake and the reasons why we decided to do the STO will be released tomorrow on our channels:

Website: www.bizshake.io
Telegram: https://t.me/bizshake
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxPB68utjFvRFNKhXAeRS9Q



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Hello Bizshakers!


As promised today the interview  of our CEO and Founder Giuseppe Lo Presti with Adam Chapnick ICOInvestor.tv,

sharing their insight of BlockChainTechnology, the BizShake project, Neo Blockchain and BizShake’s upcoming SecurityTokenOffering


For more information visit our website: www.bizshake.io
and join our community on telegram: Telegram BizShake
#ICO #TokenSale #CryptoCurrency



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