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[ANN] [XSL] Solo - A secure, private, untraceable pool resistant cryptocurrency

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We are performing a hard fork at block 440001 (Thursday May 30.2019) to v1.0.4.4. This is a mandatory upgrade that will further reduce difficulty variance and improve network stability. The changes have been simulated and tested for the last two weeks, the benefits warrant a hard fork. 


-Update to latest LWMA1 algorithm
-Inclusion of optional optional hashrate adjustment for statistically significant changes in hashrate
-Remove obsolete dependencies
-Re-enable blockchain import for pop blocks functionality
-Remove unnecessary checkpoints

Miners and service providers should upgrade as soon as possible to prevent a break in service.

The most recent binaries are linked below and the main branch in source has been updated.


Windows ( https://www.minesolo.com/release/solo-latest-win64.zip )
Windows NO AES ( https://www.minesolo.com/release/solo-latest-win64-NO_AES.zip )
Linux ( https://www.minesolo.com/release/solo-latest-linux64.tar.gz )
Source ( https://gitlab.com/solo-project/solo )

Changes in the code require a fixed difficulty for the difficulty window. This will be set at 25mm for blocks 440001-440401. Nethash changes by the minute and Solo historically experiences a short drop in hashrate after an upgrade. The fixed difficulty is a conservative estimate based on a historical range, but could result in in block times significantly above or below the 20 second target while working through the window. Following the window, block times will normalize to 20 seconds over the course of several hours.


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